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DB (2) - SQL

4 minute read

This post is part of the Database Series. Click here to read from the previous post.


Developing in a Virtual Environment

2 minute read

Quite a lot of developers use Anaconda. It is your choice to use Anaconda or not. However, whichever method you use for your developing environment, I person...


Safe removal of previous commits

1 minute read

How to unstage your previous commits (safely) You can see every commit on you branch by: $ git log and exit the log by q


Cross Validation Techniques

15 minute read

In this post, we will use scikit-learn’s iris data set to understand various types of cross validation techniques thoroughly. But First of all,

Boston House Price Prediction

6 minute read

Regression is basically a process which predicts the relationship between x and y based on features. This time we are going to practice Linear Regression wit...


[Java] Variable Arguments in java?!

less than 1 minute read

From these posts, you’ve learned that python supports getting unfixed number of multiple parameters in functions. Dealing with multiple parameters in python ...

[Python] lambda Vs. def

2 minute read

Recently, while solving math problems for many hours I ended up getting sick of solving simple calculation at the end of one problem, so I tried making a sim...

[Python] What is future ?

2 minute read

This post belongs to deep dive python tag. Deep dive python posts consist of advanced-level python syntax or skills that are not really obvious. You can sea...




Software Engineering Models

4 minute read

To begin with… Software Development life cycle consists of Requirements Design Implementation Quality Assurance Maintenance


My Trading Diary since September 2020

7 minute read

Started trading in Korean and US stock market since early August. Learning and experiencing by hands day by day, time by time. I want to log (more or less s...