Danny ToEun Kim

M.Eng. Computer Science @ UCL (University College London)
Email: dannykim153@gmail.com

Danny ToEun Kim is a final year M.Eng. Computer Science student at UCL.
His research aims at finding ways to encode human knowledge in (language) models and make it retrievable by question-answering and conversational systems; specific keywords are: NLP, knowledge representation, Information Retrieval, Conversational AI, and ML/DL.
Currently he is focusing on developing a task-oriented dialogue system that is to be deployed on Amazon Alexa as a participant of Amazon 2021 Alexa Prize TaskBot Challenge. At the same time, he is working with Prof. Emine Yilmaz and Prof. Aldo Lipani at UCL Web Intelligence Group as an undergraduate researcher.

Before joining the Web Intelligence Group, Danny used to research a way to cluster smell-related texts in a similar way we perceive smell in the real world with Prof. Marianna Obrist at UCL Human-Computer Interaction Centre.
In summer 2020, working as a Data Analyst at KB Securities, he piloted two experimental projects. 1) Fund (mutual fund) recommender system / personalized advertisement (closed-source); My recommender system could perform better than the legacy system. 2) Stock price prediction system based on LSTM network trained with daily news natural language data.
During the 2nd year at UCL, he developed a task-oriented chatbot with RCGP. The bot assisted med-tech companies in checking British healthcare software compliance regime, which makes longer time-to-market and delay in cash flow.

Danny has always been eager to learn new things and teach what he love to his surroundings by joining various types of communities, such as NLP paper reading group, Bootcamps, and university societies. Espicially, he's been serving UCL Artificial Intelligence Society as a core committee for three years. There, he teaches, learns, and shares AI related stuff to/with like-minded students. He recently joined Google Developer Student Club too.


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January 2021 – March 2021

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Alexa Prize TaskBot Challenge - Team Condita



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Olfactory NLP


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Awards & Certificates


  • Centenary Award - 20/21 UCL best societies award (Artificial Intelligence Society): Awarded by UCL Student Union
  • Funding - CS Undergraduate Summer Research Internship


  • Deep Learning Specialization - 5 courses on Coursera by Prof. Andrew Ng
  • The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing - Google Digital Garage
  • Introduction to AI in the Data Center - NVIDIA
  • JavaScript Essential Training - LinkedIn Learning
  • KAIST AI Bootcamp - Certificate of Completion: Awarded by KAIST & Seoul Metropolitan Government


Take a look at my CV at https://kimdanny.github.io/assets/CV.pdf