IBM Quantum Experience: Cloud-base Quantum Computer

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0. Introduction to the IBM Quantum Experience (IBMQX)

The IBM Quantum experience is an online environment, created by IBM, which allows researchers, students and members of the public to design quantum computations, simulate their effect, and run them directly on prototype quantum computing chips in IBM’s lab in the USA.

From the first page, you will see the Dashboard of the IBMQX. Two main interfaces for building and running quantum circuits in the IBMQX are Curcuit Composer and Quantum Lab.

Circuit Composer allows you to create quantum circuits using its drag and drop functions, and run them on IBM’s real quantum devices around the world. Quantum Lab is for advanced users. Qiskit is a powerful Python module for making and running quantum computations. From Quantum Lab, you can directly edit and execute Qiskit codes within the IBMQX platform.

1. Hello World in Quantum Computing

1-1. Quantum Circuits

1-2. Quantum Gates

1-3. Simulating the circuit and checking its results

2. Quantum random number generator

3. Rotating a qubit

4. Two-qubit gates (CNOT)

5. Entangled States (Bell State)

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